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Since 1994, the Hemmat Law Group has served families and communities throughout Washington state. Our experienced mediators and arbitrators are committed to working with attorneys representing family law clients to understand the specific needs, concerns, and goals of every case to achieve a fair and just outcome.

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For decades, the Hemmat Law Group has provided attorneys with the tools and perspective needed to resolve disputes and move forward in a wide array of family law cases. Whether we serve as a mediator or arbitrator, you can trust that we will approach your cases with the respect, objectivity, and integrity required to obtain just outcomes.

"Mr. Hemmat kindly agreed to serve as settlement master in a somewhat tricky contested dissolution I was involved with. He was thoughtful, persistent and ultimately very helpful in bringing the matter to a successful conclusion. I give him a hearty endorsement."
David Cooper
Steve is not only a great friend, but one of the finest attorneys I know. I am always happy to refer family law matters to him. I know his clients will get the knowledge and expertise they need for these difficult situations.
Joseph Harper
I worked together with Steve on a difficult parentage case and was impressed by his knowledge, experience, and client skills. Steve was clearly familiar with every issue in the case, as well as opposing counsel and the judge. Although he was busy, he communicated with his client on a daily basis. I have great confidence in Steve and refer clients to him on a regular basis.
Jesse Blaisdell

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